Grantmaker’s Guide to Cloud-Based Software

Grant management is changing

Moving your grant program management from the desktop to “the cloud” has multiple advantages. Yet, the selection and implementation process is intimidating. Have no fear. Download this practical, no-nonsense guide to get up-to-speed fast.

Download this Guide and Learn:

  • What is the Cloud? How does the cloud work? How fast is the cloud growing? Why should a grantmaking organization use cloud-based software?
  • Cloud-Based Software Benefits: Identify and understand common misconceptions about cloud-based services. Discover why cloud-based software yields multiple competitive advantages for grantmakers.
  • How to Select the Best Cloud-Based Software for Your Organization: How should you evaluate software options? Once selected, how do you implement the software to minimize disruption and maximize return? How does cloud-based software support your mission?

P.S. Clouds in the sky have multiple classifications based on temperature and water conditions (e.g., cirriform, stratocumuliform, and stratiform). Clouds in the grantmaking process are easier to understand. Plus: no umbrellas required!