Turn Your Physical Conference to Virtual
COVID-19 Conference Emergency Guide & Instructional Video




Why We Created This Guide


At Openwater a majority of our customers depend on annual meetings, conferences and summits to raise awareness, engage members and inspire others to join. The impact of COVID virus is forcing organizations to reconsider their all-important events in 2020. 

While there is no way to replace the immersive experience of a physical event this guide can assist an organization that needs to urgently transition to a virtual conference while abiding by the expectations of attendees, presenters and sponsors.

Systematically Convert Your Conference to Virtual in One Day

This guide will present the framework and toolkit to quickly migrate from a physical conference to a virtual conference. To supplement the guide here is a checklist for administrators and the sheet we suggest using to organize the transition. 

  • Keep Sponsors Happy
  • How to Manager Presenter with No Tech Experience
  • Managing the IT Overhead With Ease
  • Ensure Attendees Can View Recordings from Any Session
  • How to Notify Attendees About the Change
  • Allow Attendees to Create a Schedule in an Outlook or Google Calendar