Bring Your Data Together: 

How AACRAO uses OpenWater’s Growth Stack, Fonteva AMS

OpenWater Works Seamlessly with Fonteva

This case study shows how AACRAO (American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officials) uses Fonteva and OpenWater.

Download this if you use Salesforce, the Fonteva association management system, or are considering either one.

OpenWater Growth Stack benefits:

  • Entries, Judging, and Reporting In One System: OpenWater Growth Stack combines all of our specialty software (for scholarships, awards, grants, fellowships, and more) into one comprehensive system.
  • Fonteva Integration: OpenWater provides a built-in Fonteva integration for secure data transfer.
  • Stay Informed: Manage people and processes, and everything in-between. OpenWater Growth Stack helps you manage multiple programs efficiently and stress-free.