Strategic Storytelling:
How to Use Data to Create a Successful Narrative

100% of Stories Improve with Data

^^^ See what we did there? Of course you do. We used a percentage to illustrate a concept about storytelling.

Data reporting is an important aspect when managing any application and review process. So, too, is presenting the data in a format people understand.  Storytelling is particularly effective. Use your program’s data to drive emotion and inspire action.

Where to start with stories? Download this practical guide and remove writer’s block.

Download this Guide and Learn:

  • Storytelling’s Data Challenge: Where do you find the best data? What do you do with “bad” data? Should you share your data?
  • Data-Driven Storytelling Revolution: Why do institutional stories use data to illustrate key concepts?
  • How to Craft Data-Rich Narratives: How should you get started? What are key considerations when developing a data-sharing strategy?

Download "Strategic Storytelling"